Sunday, February 27, 2011

ONe more time!

Another endeavor into the art of the blog for me.
I do feel obligated to post about the CR 48 Google Laptop that I received last month.

I love this freaking thing!! I had just bought a Gtab for 400$ in the beginning of January and upgraded my phone to HTC EVO in Novemer. I am all teched up and can't afford to go anywhere.

So, I work alot, to pay the cost of my crimes.

Back to the machine...I bring this everywhere with me now. Kind of like Linus' blanket, except this blanket connects to the web and I find more and more reasons to be on the web; in the cloud; connected, sort of,.,,

It is lightening fast, comes with free Verizon Broad Band for 2 years will log into almost any wifi I have encountered that isn't locked. I can make phone calls, video calls, IM's various chats and all that stuff I haven't even learned about yet.

I get the feeling that it is just another drug. Probably will ruin me in the end, but it feels sooooo good now!